My name is Anton Kallenberg, I'm a programming motorcyclist which prefers clean code and curvy roads. Currently working at Cloud Connected with InSurvey and other fun projects.

I'm an open minded programmer with no specific language preferences but I write C# and JavaScript on daily basis so I guess I'm kind of a .NET-NodeJS-enthusiast. Test-driven development and the SOLID principles are following me wherever I go regardless of language and situation.

This blog is about me, my life and the challenges I'm facing as a developer. The blog, it's content and opinions are my own. My goal with this blog is to share daily coding experiences to help others, becoming a better writer and finding new ways to express myself.


The first lines of code I "wrote" where some JavaScript-copy-paste when trying to hack my first web page back in the beginning of year 2000. Even through the code wasn't that great I felt in love with programming from day one and since then I've worked hard on improving my coding techniques.

My professional career started in 2007 at Mogul where I got acquainted with EPiServer CMS, EPiServer has always been a great part of my career. My consultant career continued by working at Softronic and Sogeti before I decided to become my own boss and became co-owner of Cloud Connected in 2013.

Thanks for reading,