My name is Anton Kallenberg, currently working at Cloud Connected with InSurvey and other fun projects.

I'm an open minded programmer with no specific language preferences but I write C# and JavaScript on daily basis so I guess I'm kind of a .NET-NodeJS-enthusiast. Test-driven development and the SOLID principles are following me wherever I go regardless of language and situation.

This blog is about me, my life and the challenges I'm facing as a developer. The blog, it's content and opinions are my own. My goal with this blog is to share daily coding experiences to help others, becoming a better writer and finding new ways to express myself.


The first lines of code I "wrote" where some JavaScript-copy-paste when trying to hack my first web page back in the beginning of year 2000. Even though the code wasn't that great I felt in love with programming from day one and since then I've worked hard on improving my coding techniques.

My professional career started in 2007 at Mogul where I got acquainted with EPiServer CMS, EPiServer has always been a great part of my career. My consultant career continued by working at Softronic and Sogeti before I decided to become my own boss and became co-owner of Cloud Connected in 2013.

Thanks for reading,