JSON.NET can of course deserialize a dictionary out of the box but yesterday I needed to change the way the dictionary is created during deserialization. I needed the dictionary to be case insensitive when comparing string-keys, which means that the dictionary needs to be created with the StringComparer.OrdinalIgnoreCase option. I my case I needed to […]

A backup process can be really simple or very complex depending on your requirements. In this post I’m going to show how you can backup your sql server databases by using PowerShell. If you don’t want to use this approach you can of course use sql server agent and t-sql or something like that. The […]

This is a note to myself that also might be usefully for other people using TortoiseGit and GitHub. Following works at my machine when setting up SSH-keys at my local development environment for GitHub.

We’re hiring! This post will be written in Swedish because we require our employees to speak and understand Swedish. Om Cloud Connected Cloud Connected är ett mjukvaruföretag som levererar affärskritiska lösningar för webben. De produkter som ligger i fokus är enkätverktyget InSurvey, e-valplattformen EasyVote och säljtävlingsplattformen Priam. Våra produkter används av våra kunder i privat, […]

Today I’ve updated to Windows 8.1. The update didn’t go as smooth as I hoped. I want to share my experience to help others with similar issues. FYI I applied the update through Windows Store. First attempt The update crashed with the message “Couldn’t update to Windows 8.1, Sorry we couldn’t complete the update to […]

Today I was faced with the fact that one of our backup processes needed to copy compressed database backups to a remote server over an UNC path every night. Of course were the UNC path protected with credentials other than the credentials my script were running under. The backup process is in fact a PowerShell […]

I have written some posts before on similar topics. In the latest post about this topic I wrote: “To get a more reliable solution we could deploy using web deploy”. In this post I will go through how we at Cloud Connected has setup our build server with GitHub, Jenkins, Psake and MS Web Deploy. […]


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